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We are the first choice for those looking for vehicle wrapping and graphics in Manchester and surrounding areas. Our unrivalled expertise is focused on delivering exceptional quality and attention to detail so we can bring to life breath-taking transformations.

As a market leader, Rambo Wraps are highly regarded in the vehicle wrapping industry. We continually innovate, which is why we are fortunate enough to have worked with some of the UK's leading brands such as Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin and BMW, Eddie Stobart, BT Sport and Adidas.

Our work typically includes cars, vans, boats, trains and trucks however our expertise has been requested on other high-profile wrapping projects throughout the UK.

Rambo Wraps have a tried and tested approach which never lets us down. We own the whole process; from project management to creating the initial visuals, to printing in-house so our award-winning technicians can apply the wrap.

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Porsche wrapping

Aston martin wrap

land rover PPF wrap

NIO formula-e custom graphics

eddie stobart fleet branding

Porsche wrapping


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Here is just a few of our ever growing solutions.

Car / Vehicle


eddie stobart fleet branding



eddie stobart fleet branding



eddie stobart fleet branding


& Graphics

eddie stobart fleet branding



eddie stobart fleet branding


Here is just a few examples to demonstrate our level of work.

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  • What is vehicle wrapping?

    Vehicle wrapping is the process of covering a vehicle in a thin, pliable vinyl. Used as a means of changing a vehicle colour or business advertising.

  • Colour change is the same process of covering a vehicle in vinyl, but used purely to change the colour. It involves the application of a coloured vinyl, as opposed to a digitally printed vinyl which would be used to display graphics. There are hundreds of colours, finishes and textures to choose from. ​

  • Keep your car but change the colour / change the colour as often as you like / Cheaper than a respray / Protect your paintwork, adding value when you come to sell / Easily achieve a various finishes & effects

  • A full wrap refers to a wrap that completely covers a vehicle in vinyl. A partial wrap (or half wrap) refers to a wrap that is not fully covered. (If you were to advertise your business on the rear door and rear side panels of your van, it would be referred to as a partial wrap. If the advert covered the entire vehicle, it would be called a full wrap) ​

  • The vinyl, which comes on a roll, has a backing that peels off – much like a sticker. The back of the vinyl adheres to the panels of your vehicle, giving a perfectly smooth, tactile finish. ​



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